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Flag Football Tourney

Welcome to the Expo Flag Football Mini-Tournament! After a great “rookie” season for our Flag Football Tourney last year, we will be back for 2024!
We will be holding this event in the DOME on Saturday, Aug 10 starting at 5:00 pm ET.

All games will have two certified referees to enforce the rules and most importantly SAFETY! So, let’s go over the Rosters, Game Play, and Special Rules.

Below is a signup for your team. If you have a team of eight already, please register your team ASAP, as there will only be a maximum of 16 teams.

If you don’t have a team, but want to play, please post your intention to play on Twitter with the hashtag #expoflagfootball, and then you can be located.


There will only be 16 teams in the competition. Each team will consist of a Team Captain and seven players for a total of eight players.
Each game will only have five starters on the field at any one time. Players can only be on one team.


There will be a coin flip. The winner of the coin flip can choose to go first or defer. To begin play, Team A will start at the 35-yard line towards the goal line against Team B’s defense. Each team will only have 5 players on the field.

Team A has FOUR plays to either score a touchdown or gain the most yards possible. There are NO FIRST DOWNS. Once Team A plays all four plays or scores a touchdown, they are done.

At this point, Team B takes the field on offense at the 35-yard line and has four plays to beat Team A’s play. (For example, if Team A scores a touchdown in three plays, they have to score a touchdown in two or fewer plays to win. If they score in three, there is a tie).

If both teams tie (either score a touchdown in the same amount of plays or go the same number of yards in four plays), then there will be a new coin flip for who goes first or defers.

Then each team gets ONE PLAY from the 35-yard line to score or get as many yards as possible. The winner will be the team that goes the farthest or scores on that one play.


All blocking will be “shadow blocks” only. NO EXCESSIVE CONTACT can be made on a block.
Running plays are not allowed. This includes the quarterback as they will NOT be rushed.
The defense can not pass the line of scrimmage. They may follow the quarterback and block his vision, but cannot cross the line of scrimmage.
All penalties will cost your team a PLAY or GIVE A PLAY TO THE OTHER TEAM!
So, if you cause defensive pass interference, not only does the offense get the ball at the spot of the foul, the offense gets another play. So, if the offense is on Play #2 and they throw the ball and the defense gets a pass interference call, the ball will be placed at the spot of the foul and it’s still on Play #2.
If there is Offensive Pass Interference, then the offense loses a play. So, if the offense is on Play #2 and they throw the ball and the offense gets a pass interference call, the ball is returned to the line of scrimmage and it’s now on Play #3. You just lost Play #2.
Trophy Smack will once again be providing the top two teams with awards!

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